About us


Ambiente Haus was founded in 2002 by Stephen Coles. After negotiating the exclusive rights from a leading supplier in England of giftware and home decorations for the German market, together with direct import from India the roots were firmly established. The first goods were stored in his private garage and cellar but within a very short time this was too small so he rented various agricultural barns from the local farmers. Again due to constant growth Ambiente Haus was on the move and aquired a purpuse built warehouse with office space.


Now all items are directly imported from the far east but Ambiente Haus sources mostly from China. Stephen Coles has more than 25 years experience of importing home decoaration items from China. Where possible Ambiente Haus builds long term partnerships with factories in China to ensure a continued high quality of goods. Ambiente Haus constantly checks the standards of the factories and prefers to deal with factories holding a BSCI certificate which ensures good working conditions are applied including safety, facilities, cleanliness, working hours and pay.

Ambiente Haus delivers to customers throughout Europe including small gift shops, large furniture stores, florists, interior design, traditional catalogues etc. Of course moving with the times Ambiente Haus now supplies many internet dealers. Ambiente Haus has become a leader in this field thanks to its IT capabilities being able to supply all product information digitaly together with product photo material.